What can two artists do with one day of corporate waste?


We are literally killing our selves and the planet by the unfortunate side-effects of our habits of consumption. We know our wasteful habits aren’t sustainable. We know that the pollution that we directly create – the stuff like coffee cups, diapers, and plastic bags that go into landfills – makes us just as responsible for this mess as the corporations that often bare the weight of our environmental guilt.  Yet, both companies who produce the products of consumption and the socially-conscious consumer sometimes share the same values – values that inspire action towards a more sustainable world.

What if, instead of pushing the blame for waste and pollution on each other, corporations and the public cooperated with each other? What if there were a way forward that focuses on creative actions we can take as a community rather than simply point out the destructive consequences of a system we love, and then make corrective measures very few of us can measure up to? This would be a paradigm shift.

What if art held a key to reorienting us in this new paradigm?


Inspired by the material possibilities hidden within corporate waste streams, Robert Reedy and Val Curry were curious as to what they could do with just ONE DAY’s worth of corporate waste – as artists.  After collecting waste from a local Starbucks after-hours, the two began documenting their process, research, and discovery. They developed a very simple process for using Starbucks waste to create artistic forms and sculptures that carried within them the signature of creative ingenuity and problem solving.

What was once headed for a landfill was now being reincarnated and headed towards something else. After creating a series of artisan vessels from the one day of Starbucks waste, the artists began creating installations utilizing the various vessels. Soon they were invited to exhibit The ONE DAY project at various art shows. Currently, the work has been featured in 7 art shows in the Dallas area including Ro2 Gallery and El Centero College.


From the beginning Robert and Val were not only making their art work known through out its various stages of development, but they were also making known the exact processes they were using as part of their larger idea about art as research. The “Open Source” philosophy of their documentation continues to make it possible for others to better understand, reflect, and build upon the work.

They soon caught the eye of friend and documentary filmmaker, Matthew Armstrong. Matthew has been a strong advocate for using the arts to help enact and inspire positive change in the world. He quickly saw the potential in what Robert and Val were doing and began to meet with them to discuss collaboration. As both a fan and fellow collaborator in the ONE DAY project, Matthew is helping Robert and Val develop the next phase of the project and is working on a unique documentary film that hopes to spark inspiring conversations around the way artists can engage culture and local communities to help achieve a shared vision of positive social change.


The next steps for the ONE DAY project include collaborating with Starbucks and the local Dallas community to produce a large scale version of ONE DAY for the public. This one-of-a-kind public installation, sourced from Starbucks waste, will serve as an aesthetic reminder and declaration of what can happen when the public and industry with shared values come together  to develop creative solutions to common problems. This process and resulting

None of this will happen without your help. Your voice is important to helping take this project to the next level. Currently, work is being done to begin creating a steering committee of community leaders, artists, activists, and industry professionals who will collaborate in this endeavor. If you would like to collaborate, connect, or contribute – contact us today!

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    All of the Materials from the Official ONE DAY Waste Collection were ground up and formed into a series of artisan Vessels.

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    All of the Materials from the ONE DAY Waste Collection were Cleaned, Sorted, and Quantified.

  • Official ONE DAY Waste Collection
    Official ONE DAY Waste Collection

    The bags of garbage from the Official ONE DAY Waste Collection were weighed and documented.


Hey Starbucks!

We applaud you for caring about the environmental impact of your waste. We saw how you guys started turning paper waste into new cups in Chicago and love it! We’ve got some ideas for you. Can we talk?

We want to collaborate to make something meaningful with you without having to be worried about the cops every time we get a refill.

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Matthew, Robert, and Val